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PC: Tim Summers (Khambatta Dance Company at ACT/dances, 2006)

Since the beginning of my career, I have initiated, supported, and expanded programs and initiatives to center dance artists and moving bodies in dialogue with publics and communities of practice. Here are a few:



Part 6 April and Judith 3 copy.JPG

A participatory lecture and panel series initially designed and produced for The Cowles Center for Dance & the Performing Arts in partnership with the Performing Arts Archives at the University of Minnesota Libraries

PC: Michèle Steinwald (Part 6 of MN Dance & the Ecstasies of Influences, 2016)

Projects with my greatest artistic influence


Apostrophe: a monthly series of dance music poetry
ACT/dances: Short dances in and around ACT Theatre, Seattle

BPart_1 (1).jpg

Eco-futurism research that creates belonging and care while rebuilding humankind’s relationship within
the natural world

PC: Courtesy of BPART (Performance of The River’s Course in Prague, 2023)
Momentum 2 front.jpeg

A collection of print materials developed in collaboration with graphic designers and photographers


A festival of commissioned works by emerging dance artists in Minnesota

IMG_7181 (1).jpeg

An interactive dance series by emerging Canadian choreographers

PC: Michèle Steinwald (Atlantis13 at Momentum: New Dance Works studio showing 2019)
PC: Michèle Steinwald (Figure at Sea curtain call, 2015)
PC: Tim Summers (Laura Curry/PINKK at ACT/dances 2006)
PC: Michèle Steinwald (Momentum poster from 1998)
PC: Ezra Dickinson (Momentum: New Dance Works brochure from 2011)
BDF2021-7-31_RDDI_JHsumedia-21 copy.jpg

Examples of value-driven contributions in dance advocacy and professional development programming

PC: JHsu Media (RDDI artist talk at Bates Dance Festival, 2021)
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