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For inquiries, collaborations, requests, partnerships, and otherwise scheming to make this a better world for all beings, please contact me by email:

michele [at]

Asset 2_4x.png
Photo by Cameron Wittig (with graphic designer Ryan Nelson standing in for dancers for a test shot, 2008)

Big thanks to…

Wing Yun Sun (site design), Gene Pendon (logo and drawings), Ezra Dickinson (photos and animations), Alice Gebura (photos), Tim Summers (photos), JHsu Media (photos), Rino Pizzi (photos), Sean Smuda (photos), JJ Tiziou Photography (photos), Cameron Wittig (photo), Flywheel Productions (videos), Brookklyn Media (videos), Paul Schmelzer (some words) and Susannah Schouweiler (some more words).

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