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Part 18: Dancing While Karen

October 25, 2020

Live streamed from East Side Freedom Library

Dancing While… is a three-part mini-series—within the larger discussion series, Minnesota Dance & the Ecstasies of Influences—that centers individual stories by dance practitioners and organizers from immigrant and refugee communities in Minnesota, and includes Dancing While Somali (Part 17), Dancing While Karen (Part 18), and Dancing While Hmong (Part 19).

With Pkwa Htoo, Ma Moe Win, Sarmoo Kwee, Eh Smwee, Sar Wait, and Wah Htoo, and documented by Tee Hong, Kristin Van Loon, and Flywheel Media Productions

In partnership with Karen Organization of Minnesota and East Side Freedom Library
Funded by Metropolitan Regional Arts Council’s Arts Project Support Grant and Minnesota Historical Society’s Minnesota Historical & Cultural Grant

Photo by Clarence White; map photos by Alice Gebura

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