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role: dance curator

APOSTROPHE was a monthly series hosted at gallery 1412 that presented three artistic genres in one hour. Without theme or intermission, a dancer, musician and poet perform, posing questions about the compositional frame (page, body, breath, instrument, floor, room) and how it reshapes imagination and space. Co-presented by gallery 1412 and Seattle Improvised Music and curated by Michèle Steinwald (dance), Gust Burns (music), and Melanie Noel (poetry).

“During the performance, the room was so quiet that the audience could hear the smallest sounds, breath, a foot scraping against a carpeted floor. Disquieting and delightful.”—C.E. Putnam, The Poetry Project Newsletter

August 12, 2006
Christine Deavel (poetry), Tari Nelson-Zagar (violin), and Ying Zhou (dance)

September 23, 2006
Tasha Buttler (text), Don Mee Choi (poetry), Jessie Smith (dance), and Tyler Wilcox (music)

October 27, 2006
Angelina Baldoz (music), Daniel Comiskey (poetry), and Amelia Reeber (dance)

November 18, 2006
Monica Fambrough and Travis Nichols (poetry), Beth Graczyk (dance), and Corey Fuller (music)

December 16, 2006
Tonya Lockyer (dance), Kelvin Pittman (music), and Maged Zaher (poetry)

January 27, 2007
Jason E. Anderson (music), Ezra Dickinson (dance), and C. E. Putman (poetry)

February 24, 2007
Jean-Paul Jenkins (music), Jessica Jobaris (dance), and Sarah Mangold (poetry)


Jessie Smith, photo by Tim Summers


Jessie Smith, photo by Tim Summers


Jessie Smith, photo by Tim Summers


Jessie Smith, photo by Tim Summers


Jessie Smith, photo by Tim Summers


Tyler Wilcox, photo by Tim Summers


Tasha Buttler, photo by Tim Summers

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